“No Rules Against It” [Trevor Flashback]

Trevor’s Flashback – Somewhere In The Neverland Jungle

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,” Trevor strode over to where Liv had been hanging by her ankle for quite some time within the jungle surrounding them, “How does your garden grow?” He chewed on a piece of grass as he spoke the words, a smirk growing on his lips a bit as he locked his eyes onto hers as she dangled there. “Nursery Rhymes?!” She snapped down at him and Trevor shrugged his shoulders, tossing the apple in his hand up towards the sky and allowing it to fall back into his palm, “Just making light out of a bad situation, beautiful.” He called up to her as she struggled with the vine that was tightened around her ankle, only growing tighter with each movement she placed, “Vines are like quick sand, but instead of drowning, you lose a limb.” “Thanks,” Liv snapped out, “for the bloody tip!” She snarled, flinging her body back and forth as she helplessly began to pry at the vine to try and loosen it but why doing this it seemed she was only making the plant grow with more agitation. The tightness on her ankle causing her to wince once in pain but not allowing any sound to escape. Trevor bit into the apple in his hand, having twirled it around and finding amusement in this whole situation, “I’d help you but,” He chewed the piece within his mouth before speaking, “you always said you don’t need anybody’s help and I’m wanting to see this for myself.” He tossed the apple up and caught it again, watching once more with a smirk on his lips as Liv continued to fight against the plant before he turned from her, “I’ll be back in a couple hours, hopefully the blood hasn’t rushed to your head and killed you by then.” He chuckled, tossing the apple onto the Earth below him, it disappeared into a black mush as he nearly disappeared into the jungle before he heard Liv call after him, “OKAY! Okay…help me, please!” She begged him, seeming that having been stuck up in the vine for quite some time was frustrating and none of her tactics against the stupid plant were working. The fact that she was asking for help made him grin even more and he spun on the heel of his boot to look back up at her, walking to where he had originally been standing he craned his neck to look at her, “Remember what I told you about Neverland?” He asked her, “All you have to do is think of something and it’s yours.” Though he could hide his slight sarcasm that dripped with each word he ever spoke, he was one of the most sarcastic boys on the island. If one could even call him a boy, he was the oldest Lost Boy on the island along with Felix, having spent centuries here without a care in the world. He tilted his head as Liv slowly closed her eyes and allowed her body to go limp as if she was in deep concentration. As silence lingered around, she soon clenched her hand around the handle of a sword, her eyes snapped open and she swung her body in an instant with near relief and excitement as she gripped onto one end of the vine and began to slice at it, cutting into it before feeling her ankle become loose, she swung her legs to dangle down but in doing so, she lost grip on the vine itself and began to fall. With a quick movement, Trevor darted forward and reached his arms out, catching Liv before she could plummet like a pancake to the jungle floor. Her eyes had squeezed shut and he soon laughed, helping her stand up straight as he reached out and took the sword from her, “Imagination runs wild, like that about you.” He chuckled at her, pressing a palm into the sword before it shifted into another apple to which he bit into intently. “Believe,” He chewed, “this is about the tenth time I’ve saved you.” He swallowed now, taking one more bite from the apple before tossing it on the ground. “Is not.” Liv folded her arms across her chest, the gesture and attitude of her making Trevor grin, “Just think I deserve a little more gratitude than a simple thank you.” He spoke out to her, catching her eyes for a moment and one of Liv’s brows arched as she scoffed, “Thought Lost Boys couldn’t do that, fear of growing up kind of stuff?” She asked him with a hint of curiosity coming on her voice and Trevor furrowed his eyebrows in her direction, “Where’d you hear that?” He asked her, one brow remaining arched just as hers was. “Stories…books…people.” Liv shrugged her shoulders, looking away from him for a moment and Trevor leaned back slightly, “No rules against it.” He rose his brows up to her with a smug look on his face. The silence between the two of them remained before Liv stepped towards him, “Take off the hood.” She nearly ordered him, getting close to his form and nearly pressing hers into his. Trevor’s eyes trailed down to glance over her face, it seemed he was hesitating to do so until his hand reached up, gripping the back of his hood, he slid the hood off his head slowly. His eyes continued to be locked to hers as he did so, the hood having dropped back against his shoulder blades. His eyes searched over her expression somewhat and hers had seemed to be doing the same until she hesitantly lifted herself up on her toes to grow closer to his face, their eyes not leaving each other for even a second until they both closed their eyes slowly as their lips met. His hand coming up to place on her cheek while hers slid over his shoulders and rested on the back of his neck.


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